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Video:  Leo Giamani Gets Fucked by College Jock Rusty Stevens.

Leo Giamani sucks cock

Leo Giamani kissing Rusty Stevens

Leo Giamani gets fucked

Leo Giamani sucks and gets fucked for the very first time.  From now on Leo will only be like a virgin.  That rosebud has bloomed.  Hot jock hunk Rusty Stevens pops that chocolate covered cherry. 

Leo Giamani gets fucked.  I was fortunate enough have this hot Italian stud shoot a solo video in early June.  When he was here I started prepping him to bottom for his first time.  Leo (at the time) was a straight guy from Philadelphia and he had never been fucked. Like many straight guys getting into gay porn, he thought that taking a cock will be not much of a task until we started rehearsing with a small dildo. 

It was a lot of fun for me to lay him back and work that dildo in, but he screamed in pain.  I explained to Leo you've got to be prepared to do a bottoming scene.  We've all paid our dues, now its your turn.  He took the dildos back to Philadelphia for 10 days and practiced. The night before he shot his bottoming scene with Rusty Stevens, Leoworked in three different sizes.  I had considered about two dozen guys to be the first to fuck Leo.  It had to be a hot and wild guy without a huge cock, but, of course, I wanted a hot guy with a nice sized dick.  My buddy Howard recommended Rusty Stevens, a straight 22 y.o. from San Diego.  After several phone interviews and photo submissions knew Rusty was the one. 

Rusty has that energetic, carefree straight surfer boy attitude.  He likes fucking girls.  Has had plenty of girlfriends and breakups, and he was eager to take on the project, take Leo's big cock and teach Leo what its like to have a hot young college jock fucking his virgin ass.  Rusty took a red-eye from the west coast to the east, hadn't slept all night but had the energy to get right to work.  When Leo woke up, Rusty and I were already shooting Rusty's promo shots.  Once Leo was ready we got right to work.  I came up with a lame porn idea that the two were buddies and ran into each other on the street and Leo invites Rusty to come over and watch straight porn.  There has to be some kind of story line.  Oh well. 

So they start this chit chat about the girl they are watching taking it up the ass.  Leo pounds Rusty and Rusty actually shoots his cum load while Leo is still fucking him.  But Rusty's boner stays hard and Leo pulls out and shoots all over Rusty.  The guys decide to clean up and go to the gym.  Rusty informs Leo that when they get back from the gym, its Leo's turn to bottom. Rusty then leads Leo into his first on screen man-to-man kiss.  Although it only lasted a brief moment before the guys decided they were too straight to kiss, it was hot.  Very hot.  Rusty then flips Leo onto his back and inserts his cock into Leo's tight straight boy ass.  The moaning and screaming and sounds and look of pain are real.  Rusty continues to give instruction to Leo how to get fucked and Rusty tells Leo even though its his first time getting fucked, Rusty is going to go into over-drive and start fucking him faster.

Next thing you know, Leo is on his side getting fucked then Rusty flips him onto his back for the home stretch.  Rusty is pounding away and Leo keeps stroking.  All of a sudden Leo has that look on his face and lays back and blow a huge load on himself while Rusty continue to fuck.  Even after Leo cums, Rusty keeps pounding.  Rusty pulls out and blasts his second load of the day on Leo.  It was fucking hot.  The smell of summer heat, manly armpits, lube, rubbers and hot man jizz filled the room.  I had to split the video into 3 segments for download file size purposes.  I hope you enjoy the video.  Jon Royce.
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